Jay Coyle

                                                 Jay Coyle

I’m not quite sure what the hell Jay and Chandler are doing with this Music Geek thing. I can tell you they are two of the most earnest and knowledgeable fans of music I have ever met. When they get enthusiastic about something you’re going to hear about it. Chandler is some kind of rocket scientist with the inner workings of the computer webbing and Jay is, at the core of things, a drummer. Drummers always find a way to be heard
— Craig Northey - The Odds

Jay Coyle - Founder / Music Geek


Short Bio:

Being a long time musically obsessed “superfan”, Jay has formed a keen sense of how to market to and serve the fans. After a stint in Marketing and Special Projects at the EMI CMG label in Nashville, Jay turned his focus toward a direct-to-fan and fan engagement role when he founded Music Geek Services in 2009. He has spearheaded new products, project management, and driven fan-focused initiatives for artists such as Veruca Salt, Barenaked Ladies, Sloan, the Presidents of the United States of America, Letters to Cleo, Blake Babies, 10,000 Maniacs, Mindy Smith, John Oates, Carbon Leaf and Jars of Clay.

Jay rounds out his time teaching music business to both college students and musicians alike. He teaches Music Marketing and Music Business Trends & Strategies courses to a new era of music business students for Berklee Online. SoundFly asked Jay to create a “Crowdfunding for Musicians” course for their e-learning platform for musicians and The University of New Haven hired Jay to teach a Entrepreneurship and Careers in the the Music Business course to students for their Study Away Semester in Nashville.


Podcast Interviews: Jay has been invited on different podcast to discuss his role as an Super Fan, Direct-to-Fan & Fan-Engagement expert. Jay’s vision helps artists think like an entrepreneur within the music business:


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Chandler Coyle

Chandler Coyle

Chandler Coyle - Digital Geek

Chandler can’t remember a time in his life when music didn’t consume him. From listening to the AM radio in the car or in the kitchen with his mom, to sitting with his dad listening to jazz records on the weekend. When he was nine, the family inherited his great-grandfather’s upright Steinway piano and Chandler started taking piano lessons.  Within a year, after he had discovered Kiss, Sweet, Bay City Rollers, and Rush, he convinced his parents to buy him a guitar. He played in bands throughout high school and college.  Chandler grew up in the era of the live album and has a special affinity for live music and live recordings. His live recording collection easily rivals Jay’s whole record collection. Soon after college he discovered another passion, the internet, and soon he was building web sites for anyone that would let him.  After spending ten years running a web development firm serving the non-profit sector, Chandler decided to let his inner music and digital geek flags fly and join his brother in this fledgling venture. Chandler teaches Music Business courses at Berklee Online.